A Deer Caught in the Stripes

Jackets, blankets, and hats are starting to come out from the “Winter Closet” as the weather is starting to drop. Stay warm and cozy up with a customized blanket using our stencils to add a personal touch.

DSC09625 copy

For this project you’ll need a blanket, a brush, fabric paint, low-tack adhesive spray and a stencil. The stencil we used is the Large Antlered Deer Stencil. Spray the backside of your stencil with the low-tack adhesive spray and place it onto the wooly blanket in the position you want. This spray helps keep your stencil in place so it does not shift while you are painting. Dip your brush into some paint and wipe away the excess to prevent any bleeding.


Begin to paint the open spaces of the stencil. Since you’ll be painting on fabric, it’s best to dab the paint and build up the color. This process helps to not smudge the paint and create crisp edges.

DSC09598 copy

After you have finished painting, remove the stencil carefully to reveal your work.


And there you have it! Paint one or more deer onto your blanket as you desire!


Show us how you decorate your blankets with our deer stencils @Stencil1.


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