Succulent Ways To Decorate Your Tee!

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Start off 2018 using our newest stencils in the Stencil1 collection!

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To make these succulent tees, you’ll need a T-Shirt, Pebeo Fabric Paint, Adhesive Spray Mount, and any succulent stencil that we recently released in our 2018 collection. In this project we decided to use the Palm Fronds Stencil, Succulent Hens & Chicks Stencil and Succulent Agave Stencil.

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The first thing you need to do is lay your T-Shirt on a flat surface with a piece of cardboard inside to prevent the paint from seeping through the shirt. Then you arrange the stencils on the T-Shirt in any position you’d like. Once you’ve figured out a good layout, spray the backs of the stencils with the adhesive spray and place them on the shirt. Now onto the paints!

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We chose a couple of paints from Pebeo that we thought would work really well with our succulent stencils.

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Begin with purple, red or green and slowly mix white into it, creating different shades of the paint – this will later create an ombre effect as we start painting. Once you’ve created a color of your liking, you can proceed to the painting.

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To create the ombre effect, take one of color mixed paint and begin to paint in the middle of the stencil and slowly go outwards. Remember when painting on fabric you have to dab the brush to prevent any bleeding between the fabric and the stencil.DSC09875 (edit)

Take another mixed color and paint the outer edges of the stencil.

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After you finished painting, carefully remove the stencil to reveal your ombre succulent.

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If you want your design to last longer, you can heat seal the fabric paint with an iron or heat gun.

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Now repeat the steps using different colors and stencils on your T-Shirt.

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