A Succulent for Your Planter

What better way to use our new succulent stencils than to decorate your succulent planter with succulents!


For this project you’ll need paint brushes, Adhesive Spray, a paper plate, Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint, cement planter, and Stencil1 succulent stencils. The stencils we used are the Succulent Agave Stencil and the Succulents Hens & Chicks Stencil.


First spray the back of the stencil with adhesive spray so that it stays in place while you are painting it. With the colors of your choosing, put them onto the paper plate. You can mix colors to create the many different colors that succulent plants have. Using your paint brush, gently load up on some paint then wipe off the excess paint. This is to help prevent any bleeding onto the planter. Now you’re ready to paint the planter!


As you paint, mix colors together to create an ombre effect that looks more realistic. For the Succulent Hens & Chicks Stencil, we decided to use a mixture of yellow, greens, and purple to create this look.


After you have finished painting, carefully remove the stencil to reveal your work!


And there you have it, a succulent planter with succulents on it!


Since our planter was in the shape of a cube, we decided to paint the other sides with different succulents. Just follow the previous steps for the first stencil.


For the Succulent Agave Stencil, we used a mixture of different greens and yellows.


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