Quilting Time

Are you ready? A guest post from my dear friend Elaine Elwick Barr!
Sometimes in the winter, I like to make comfort food. Something warm, familiar, delicious…but not all appetites can be fulfilled with food alone. Some need hands on, rock and roll crafting. And I had that hunger bad. I took a look at the variety and selection of Stencil1 stencils I own, including images from the first book, Stencil 101, the second book, Stencil 201, the home decor book, Stencil 101 Decor, and a whole host of the original mylar stencils. What could I make that could include alllll of these great images and maybe even keep me warm during this winter cold snap. QUILT!

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve stayed far away from quilt making in the past. Too much precision and too many rules, that’s what I thought. But I don’t care much for rules and perfection these days. I like what I make to look like I made it. So I went full steam ahead.

Since there are so many images to choose from, I took on a theme. This one is Stencil 1 Creatures..featuring some of my favorite birds, horses and the monkey in the middle. To make the quilt, you’ll need some fabric squares to stencil on, an old bed sheet, twice the size of your finished blanket, an old blanket or quilt batting, some Stencil 1 sprays, an iron and a sewing machine. I cut all of the squares, from coordinating fabric, and one by one, stenciled each, using Stencil 1 sprays. Each square gets heat set quickly with a warm iron.

Craft you later,

Elaine E. Barr

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