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People love getting homemade cookies as a gift (and it’s an economical way to spread the love too). You can really up the wow factor by adding a little artwork to that plain cookie tin. Cookie tins are not just for the holidays either! A tin with a nice design can be reused for food storage all year round.

Things you will need: Newspaper, blank cookie tin, Stencil1 stencils, blue painter’s tape, stencil brush, acrylic paint, spray acrylic sealant

To start, prep your work surface with newspaper. Lay the lid of the cookie tin flat on the paper with the top facing up.

Place your desired stencil where you’d like your design to appear and secure with small pieces of blue painter’s tape.  The stencil we used here is the Stencil1 Birds in Branches stencil.

Using a stencil brush, dip your brush in the acrylic paint and wipe the excess off on a paper towel and paint away! Since metal isn’t an absorbent material, you will most likely see the brush marks. If you don’t like that textural look, let the paint dry and repeat the process by adding a second layer of paint.

Once your design is dry, seal it with acrylic sealant evenly over the entire lid. This will ensure that your design doesn’t wear away!

Don’t forget to fill the tin with cookies and give your creation to a deserving friend, or be the bee’s knees at a cookie swap. You will get all kinds of love!

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