Ottlite LED Bluetooth® Speaker Lamp

We loved our Ottlite Crane LED Light with Clamp! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Ottlite has come out with a new LED Bluetooth® Speaker Lamp! As seen here, it’s making our ugly modem jealous!


Not only does it have 5 brightness settings, it also has a wireless speaker and a USB charging port!

Features we like:

We love music. Thanks to the bluetooth speaker, music is always playing in our office. Today, Billie Holiday is on play!


Love the sleek design, the patterned front, the touch buttons, and the light is even and pleasing.

ottlite_ledlamp_1 ottlite_ledlamp_2

Thanks, Ottlite! If you want your own Ottlite lamp, check out in-store at any Jo-Ann’s or Costco, and online at Amazon and the Ottlite website.

This is a sponsored post and we are proud Ottlite ambassadors.


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  1. Rick J Bryant

    4 weeksago

    This is excellent. Might find a way later to get one! Maybe two. (One for the Office).
    But in Black. Tho white is fine for most decor.


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