Stencil1– Not just an online store!

Here at Stencil1, we provide creativity in many ways. First we have a collection of stencils for home decor, apparel, and crafts. With over 450 designs and growing, we hope to provide beautiful design choices for all. We also create custom stencils, it can be a company logo or someone’s illustrator art.

We also do installation of these custom designs or customers may choose from our collection and enlarge it for their walls. We have done Benjamin Moore HeadQuarters, the Ace Hotel in NYC, as well as various corporate offices.  Ed Roth, the founder of Stencil1, also curates and hosts DIY events with major brands, some such as Levi’s, the Gap, and Etsy.

For more information on how we can assist on your next project or event, email

levis_pride_2017_3 marcella stencils


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