DIY Kids Back-To-School Denim Jackets


Get your kids back-to-school ready with custom denim jackets that compliments their style and personality! With these denim jackets, your kids are guaranteed to be the coolest kids in school. Trust me, they’ll thank you later.

Start prepping your jacket by adding a piece of cardboard inside the jacket. This will prevent any paint from bleeding through the jacket.


Using an adhesive spray, lightly spray the back of the stencil of your choice and place it on the jacket. Adhesive spray will help the stencil adhere to the jacket while you paint and prevent it from moving around. This is especially helpful when painting with more detailed stencils. The stencil we are using here is the Stencil1 Headphones stencil.



Grab your paint brush and load it up with paint. Here, we used a bold orange color to compliment the dark blue denim. Be sure to wipe any excess paint off the brush onto a paper towel or plate to prevent any paint bleeding underneath the stencil.


Paint over the open spaces of the stencil using a dabbing motion. Slowly build up the intensity of color with every layer of paint.


Once the stencil has been completely filled, carefully remove the stencil to reveal the final image and allow the paint to dry.


Heat seal the final design according to the directions of your fabric paint to prevent your design from fading.


Be sure to show off your kids with their one-of-a-kind custom jacket and take lots of pictures on their first day!


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