Falling into Autumn

Summer has come and gone and now we’re starting to feel the cold chill. With the transition of the leaves color change, we’ve decided to add a taste of “autumn” to some home decor. We took some wooden trays and some leaf stencils to make this happen.


The materials we used are brushes, paint, a plate for the paint, wooden trays, and some leaf stencils. The stencils we used are Leaf Silhouette 3 and Leaf Silhouette 5.


Place your first stencil onto the tray in any position that you want.


Dip your brush into some paint and wipe away the excess to prevent any bleeding. Paint over the open spaces of the stencil. Here we taped down the stencil so it does not shift during the painting process. After you have done this, carefully remove the stencil to reveal your leaf!


After your first leaf has dried, place another leaf stencil onto the tray and do the same as prior. Add as many leaves that you desire!


And there you have it!


We decided to only stencil two leaves for a simple look. But you can always add to it, the more the merrier!


Show us how you decorate for fall with our leaf stencils @Stencil1.


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