Valentine’s Day at the Soho Beach House


Recently, we had another all ages event with the Soho Beach House for a Valentine’s Day DIY day.
The turn-out was mostly Mom’s with their children, ages 3-8 and everyone loved having some craft
time with our Valentine’s Day stencils.

Some made cards with messages of LOVE, others painted shirts with some fabric paint.


The ClearSnap ink pads in gold silver, black, red and pink were a huge hit. They are so easy to use with our stencils because you can’t overload your brush (or in this case sponge). Even the 3 year olds got the hang of it! Some parents said they even already owned some of our stencil books and ClearSnap inks!


valentines_sohomiami_09 valentines_sohomiami_07 valentines_sohomiami_05 valentines_sohomiami_08


Stencil1 x Levi’s Meatpacking Men’s Fashion Week Event


On January 25th, 2017, Stencil1 joined Levi’s at their specialty store in the Meatpacking District, NYC for a press event for Men’s Fashion Week.

Founder and designer, Ed Roth and his creative staff customized the new 512 cut of men’s jeans to people’s liking with monogram stencils and Roth’s trendy icons of hearts, swallows, skulls and anchors. Some applications were subtle like a small icon stenciled on the inner part of the front pocket. Others went bold and cheeky with words stenciled across the front of the fly.


“It’s always rewarding to partner with such a respected American heritage brand and also to offer people customization with Levi’s who champion individuality” says Roth. “The brands we partner with seem to want to do more than just show or provide the latest item, these customization events further engage the consumer.”

Follow @stencil1 for announcements of future partnerships and for more information on in-store activation and guest social please email

Check out the photos from the event!





Levis_1_25_17_10 Levis_1_25_17_11



Levis_1_25_17_15 Levis_1_25_17_17 Levis_1_25_17_18 Levis_1_25_17_19



View all photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Be sure to share with us your customized clothing with us @Stencil1!



Stencil1 + Levi’s + CRUSHfanzine – adding meaning to a party


Last night, we had a three-hour stenciling party with Levi’s in their Meatpacking shop and it was a fun one. Ed Roth, owner and designer of Stencil1, created custom stencils with messages such as LOVE, COME TOGETHER, and LOVE NEVER FAILS as well as provided some iconic Stencil1 designs for people to choose form and have their tote bags or denim customized. The event was put together to showcase the newly re-designed Levi’s® Meatpacking Store, featuring exclusive pieces fromthe Levi’s® Vintage Clothing, Levi’s® Made & Crafted, and Levi’s® Authorized Vintage collections.

“I designed and cut some of these stencils with messages of love right before the event day and hoped people would like them as many were disappointed and worried after the election. The event became emotional for me as many people told me why they liked these messages of love as well as said things like they needed this right now. It went from a leisurely creative event to something of more substance.”

All the paint used was provided by Pebeo, their fabric paint helped to customize tote bags, denim vests, trucker jackets, and even a leather jacket.  High quality paints, we recommend them.

CRUSHfanzine was the media sponsor and invited a great group of people. See some pics of the event-goers below and visit the Stencil1 Facebook page to see many more. Photos by Sebastian Jimenez.


The night ended with a taste tequila from the liquor sponsor,  Blue Nectar Tequila.

The Levi’s® Store Meatpacking is located at 414 West 14th NYC, NY 10014

Cheers and thank you to all who came together!


Stencil1 + Levis – A night of customization with Ed Roth of Stencil1, hosted by CRUSHfanzine


Stencil1 is pleased to announce they will be curating another event with Levi’s, this time in their newly re-designed Levi’s® Meatpacking Store.

Guests are encouraged bring your Levi’s® denim or pick out something new for customization by Ed Roth of Stencil1. Ed has added some new custom designs due to the political climate, messages of love and unity.

“I am particularly excited about this event because I not only get to work with Levi’s again, a brand I greatly admire, but also it is in their custom specialty store. I am big on customization, it’s a great expression of one’s individuality. I think customizing your own clothes can also be affordable, yet it is a luxury to own a one-of-a-kind item.”



Join us as we celebrate the newly re-designed Levi’s® Meatpacking Store, now featuring exclusive pieces from the Levi’s® Vintage Clothing, Levi’s® Made & CraftedTM, and Levi’s® Authorized Vintage collections.

Levi’s® Store Meatpacking
414 West 14th
NYC, NY 10014Thursday November 17th, 2016

Cocktails by Blue Nectar Tequila

Celebrating LOVE
complimentary limited-edition tote bag and poster

The event will be hosted by CRUSHfanzine
Sponsored by Pebeo


Deer Skull Tote


We are excited to announce that we will having another event with Levi’s! More information to come, but here’s a *SNEAK PEEK* of what you can expect at our upcoming event that you can do from home.


Things you will need: A blank tote, paint and a paint brush, and a Stencil1 stencil.


Place your stencil in your desired location of the tote. Here we’re using the Stencil1 Deer Skull stencil.


Load up your brush with your paint and paint away! Be sure to wipe any excess paint on a paper towel or plate to make sure paint doesn’t bleed underneath the stencil.


Carefully remove the stencil once it’s dry.


There you have it! Be sure to check our blog and social media @Stencil1 for information regarding our upcoming event with Levi’s.

Hope to see you there!



Stencil1 Will Be At The 2016 American Made Summit

We will have a booth at the Martha Stewart Living Curated Shopping Fair at the American Made Summit on October 21-22. There are lots of special speakers at this event so get your tickets here now!


Stencil1′s very own, Ed Roth, will be there, so be sure to stop by and say hi! This is the perfect opportunity to learn more and ask questions about our American made brand. We will also be selling Stencil1 sell stencils, books, wood ornaments, and hand-made items! One of these items include this awesome handmade decoupage tray:




Are you going to be at the 2016 American Made Summit? Let us know in the comments below or @Stencil1!

See you there!