Old English Tees


OLD ENGLISH has made a comeback in fashion. Why not make it a little more YOU with the Stencil1 Old English 2″ font stencil and some fabric paint? We played off of these trends:

Kanye West’s I FEEL LIKE PABLO long sleeve tees and hoodies:


Vetements – The 90’s reference of high school metalhead hoodies and long sleeves with embellished sleeves:


Here’s the steps on how we made our OE tee:

We centered the “I” below the neck on the back of the shirt. Since our stencils are somewhat see-through, when writing words you can see if you are aligned and spaced as you wish. There is no need to cut up your stencil.



Be sure to dry each letter with a hair dryer BEFORE doing the next letter. This way you won’t smudge your letters and get paint on the back of the stencil.



COFFEE ruled in this case!


Get creative and share your final designs with us @Stencil1


Valentine’s Day Cards


What’s more special than writing a personal love letter to your Valentine? A personal love letter hand decorated by you! Let’s get started.


Things you will need: Blank cards and envelopes, ink pads, brushes, and the *NEW* Stencil1 Valentine’s Stencil 3-Pack


Grab your stencil. The Stencil1 Valentine’s Stencil 3-Pack has 3 different designs for you to choose from. Choose 1, or 2, or all 3! Here, we’re using the “I love you” stencil.


Load up your brush in the ink pad. Here, we’re using ClearSnap’s Colorbox Ink Pad in Cranberry. Using an ink pad, rather than paint, makes it so much easier and cleaner to stencil! Say goodbye to paint running underneath the stencil, and say hello to cleaner edges!


Add a second color. Here, we’re also using the ClearSnap’s Colorbox Ink Pad in a metallic gold to add more dimension to the card. Add more layers of ink to build color intensity.


Once all areas have been painted, remove the stencil to reveal the final piece!


On the envelope, choose another stencil! Here, we used the heart and arrow stencil. Here, we left the center of the heart empty, and built the color towards the edges of the heart for an airbrushed look.

DSC06339 copy

Don’t forget to write your love letter inside the card! Share your Valentine’s Day card with us @Stencil1!


Contain Yourself


People love getting homemade cookies as a gift (and it’s an economical way to spread the love too). You can really up the wow factor by adding a little artwork to that plain cookie tin. Cookie tins are not just for the holidays either! A tin with a nice design can be reused for food storage all year round.

Things you will need: Newspaper, blank cookie tin, Stencil1 stencils, blue painter’s tape, stencil brush, acrylic paint, spray acrylic sealant

To start, prep your work surface with newspaper. Lay the lid of the cookie tin flat on the paper with the top facing up.

Place your desired stencil where you’d like your design to appear and secure with small pieces of blue painter’s tape.  The stencil we used here is the Stencil1 Birds in Branches stencil.

Using a stencil brush, dip your brush in the acrylic paint and wipe the excess off on a paper towel and paint away! Since metal isn’t an absorbent material, you will most likely see the brush marks. If you don’t like that textural look, let the paint dry and repeat the process by adding a second layer of paint.

Once your design is dry, seal it with acrylic sealant evenly over the entire lid. This will ensure that your design doesn’t wear away!

Don’t forget to fill the tin with cookies and give your creation to a deserving friend, or be the bee’s knees at a cookie swap. You will get all kinds of love!

Share your DIY cookie tins with us @Stencil1!


Mixed Media Must-Haves

hexagon_mixed media_2

Our Stencil1 Small Pattern stencils are great for all mixed media projects! Every pattern adds a different dimension to your project, just like the Stencil1 Hexagon Pattern stencil.

hexagon_mixed media_3

Use it with the Stencil1 Sprayers spray ink to add color and texture. Its translucent quality also creates depth with every layer you add! Finish off your mixed media project with a bold stencil such as the Stencil1 Butterfly stencil.

This mixed media technique is perfect for home décor, cards, and more. Share your mixed media projects with us @Stencil1 !


Handmade Holidays 2016: Quatrefoil Ornaments + RAFFLE!



It’s around that time of the year! Stencil1 is honored to once again be part of Handmade Holidays Blog Hop, along with many amazing craft bloggers. For this year’s blog hop, we’ve created ornaments using our new Stencil1 Quatrefoil Ornament Kit. With these ornaments, you can either use them as traditional ornaments and hang them on your tree over your fireplace, or customize them and use them as gift tags!

Keep reading to find out how you can win our Stencil Quatrefoil Ornament Kit and more great prizes from this year’s Handmade Holidays Blog 2016 sponsors!

Let’s get started!


Things you will need: Stencil1 Quatrefoil Ornament Kit, Stencil1 Letter and Numbers Stencil, Clearsnap’s ColorBox Ink Pads, and a paint brush.


First, paint the base of the ornament with a metallic color. This is a guaranteed eye-catcher! Here, we’re using the silver metallic color of the ink pad. What’s so great about using Clearsnap’s Color Box Ink Pads is that the ink pad gives off enough paint without ever having to blot excess paint. No more paint bleeding underneath the stencil!


Once the ornament has dried, grab your letter stencil. Here, we’re using a letter from the custom monogram stencil we created using Stencil’1 Custom Monogram Stencil generator by Amazon! It comes with one small monogram and one larger one all on one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet so you can personalize almost anything. Try it out!


Using your next color, load up your brush and paint over the stencil. Again, we are using the green color from Clearsnap’s Color Box Ink Pad.


Once your ornament has completely dried, it’s ready to be hung on your tree or on a gift. Just don’t forget to add a string!

Our Quatrefoil Ornaments is the perfect way to add handmade touch to any of your holiday gifts or décor. What makes it even more special is that these ornaments are made sustainably by a company that rehabilitates and enables its workers, providing them with shelter and jobs.

Want more ideas and inspiration on how to make this holiday a handmade one? Be sure to check out all the other craft bloggers participating in the Handmade Holidays Blog Hop 2016.

Click here for a complete list!

Also, don’t forget to check out our entry from last year’s Blog Hop!


Not only are we a participant in this year’s blog hop, we are also sponsors! We will be giving away our Stencil Quatrefoil Ornament kit along with many great prizes from the other sponsors. Enter now!







Deer Skull Tote


We are excited to announce that we will having another event with Levi’s! More information to come, but here’s a *SNEAK PEEK* of what you can expect at our upcoming event that you can do from home.


Things you will need: A blank tote, paint and a paint brush, and a Stencil1 stencil.


Place your stencil in your desired location of the tote. Here we’re using the Stencil1 Deer Skull stencil.


Load up your brush with your paint and paint away! Be sure to wipe any excess paint on a paper towel or plate to make sure paint doesn’t bleed underneath the stencil.


Carefully remove the stencil once it’s dry.


There you have it! Be sure to check our blog and social media @Stencil1 for information regarding our upcoming event with Levi’s.

Hope to see you there!