Dreaming big with Blick Art Materials


In 2004, I started Stencil1. I had this idea to offer graffiti stencils so I designed 50, built a barebones website, and launched it. I soon got a call from a buyer at Blick Art Materials saying she wanted to carry the stencils. I explained I just stuff these in envelopes from home. She replied “Figure out your packaging, we want them”. I did and Blick was the first store to carry my line. They carry an arrangement of designs in their stores and now they have offered a select amount on their website as well. I say all this to hopefully inspire the start-up entrepreneur. My advice is learn as you go, businesses grow and evolve as do dreamers. The selection of designs offered at Blick can be found here:

Big thanks to Blick Art Materials for 13 years of support and thanks to all who support Stencil1 with your love of creativity!


OttLite LED Crane Lamp with Clamp

Stencil1 Ottlite

Stencil1 Ottlite

The OttLite LED Crane Lamp with Clamp is perfect for any space. It’s small enough so it won’t get in your way, but bright enough to illuminate your workspace while painting, reading, or anything that requires attention to detail. While working with numerous tools and supplies, our OttLite also helps us find what we need in an instant.

Stencil1 Ottlite

Although the OttLite comes with a very sturdy table base, we prefer to use the clamp. It’s a much easier way to keep the lamp around you, but at the same time, keep it out of your way. The clamp is also adjustable to help secure the lamp to your table!

Stencil1 Ottlite

Stencil1 Ottlite


The height adjusts from 10.5 in to 38.5 in. with a rotating head to help you direct light where you need it with the help of OttLite Natural Daylight Illumination. This feature is especially useful when painting our smaller, more detailed stencils. It also provides amazing lighting when documenting our DIY tutorials!

What can your OttLite do? Share with us @Stencil1 or in the comments below!


Introducing: Stencil1 Make It Mondays

Make It Mondays

Starting Monday, August 22, Stencil1 will be hosting a brand new segment called Make It Mondays with Ed Roth! Make it Mondays will broadcast LIVE every Monday 2 PM Eastern Standard Time (11 AM Pacific Standard Time) on our Facebook Page.

Get ready for 30 minutes of stenciling tricks, creativity chat, and creating one-of-a-kind items. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know our customers and to ask any questions you may have about stenciling!

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See you there!


Eat, Drink, Love, Bike!


These are 4 words we live by. Turn any bold statement into a fashion statement by using  Stencil1 Letters & Number stencils and tie together with a Small Single Image stencil! Here, we used the 4″ Cargo Font stencil along with the Fixed Gear Bike stencil.

What 4 words do you live by? Share it with us @Stencil1!



Stencil1 Home Office gets a Container Store Makeover



“I would stand in the cluttered closet and my brain would get fuzzy since I didn’t know where to begin,” Ed Roth, owner of Stencil1, recalls. “The business grew but the storage didn’t.” He lists the countless supplies needed on any given work day: paints, brushes, adhesive sprays, tape, stencils of all sizes, work surfaces of all sizes. “Things accumulate, and you have to consciously have a place for all of them. The physical clutter and not being able to find things was affecting productivity, cluttering my mind.”

Ed  was having a “Calgon, take me away” moment, except there was no escape. Stencil1’s studio is also his Brooklyn apartment (his warehouse and manufacturing facility are outside this space). “I choose to live and work in the same place to be efficient, to have everything I need in one place. There is no forgetting something at the office in this set-up.”

But because his commute is to the next room, the boundaries between living and working began to be like his brain, fuzzy.

“Aesthetic is important to me,” he says. “Having nice looking items around me, as well as a clean and organized space, allows me to focus on my design work. I think I have some OCD, and I see things as right and wrong sometimes. Wrong being anything out of place or messy. I can’t move ahead easily with work if something is “wrong”.

Luckily, the Container Store swooped in like a fairy godmother to transform his office and walk-in art supply closet. They tidied the detritus, or rather offered the right storage solutions for it, and Stencil 1 got the makeover it needed.

Any kind of change is not without its growing pains. Of having the Container Store and Art Director Amelia Meena of AppleshineNYC come into his space to evaluate what stayed and what went, Ed admits, “It’s not easy. I wanted to control the situation and I wanted it done fast. But that was a great lesson learned. You have to tear it all apart and start over, and it will take longer than you think, but the results will be long-lasting and worth it. I have learned in business to trust people with what they do best and that motto rang clear here. They are experts. They listened to how my workflow happens and implemented the solutions based on that.”

Ed learned not only to open his mind to storage solutions but also to design suggestions. Art Director, Shannan Johnson introduced Ed to Poppin and it’s colorful line of office accessories. “I love the pop of navy in my otherwise neutral office. It adds a nice pop of color that I would not have thought to implement.”

So, the Container Store camped out for a week in Brooklyn, bringing with them their Elfa storage system and countless containers of all kinds to house the clutter. One main issue was filing. “I would not file things because I had an old filing cabinet and two small plastic ones,” Ed says. “Now, I have two nice new Bisley filing cabinets as well as drawers.” Another issue was that his custom desktop had no drawers. “I have a ton of photos, design clippings, and art that I am always sorting through and archiving. I am not a minimalist or essentialist. I collect art and have taken photos since I was 13.”

Ed acknowledges that he’s struggled with placing too much emotional value on objects. “I have learned to let go if it’s of no use to me. I still do this occasionally, but that doesn’t mean I have to hoard.”

Now that it’s finished, what does Ed hope this reset button will bring?

“I think some delusions of organization are complete life happiness” he jokes, “…but seriously, I want to just know where everything is. I have many new projects on the table – new textile and wallpaper developments, new stencils and tools, events, collaborations – and being organized allows me to efficiently juggle all of these projects.  Having The Container Store team do this for me is life-changing, I feel a total recharge.”

Ed will post several tips he learned on how to get and stay organized. Stay tuned for more posts to the blog, Periscope, and the Stencil1 Facebook page.

See the full Before and After blog post on The Container Store’s blog Container Stories.

This post was written by Tami Mnoian


Valentine’s Day Cards – from your heart, not the store

Here’s a bunch of inspiring images of cards we made for Valentine’s Day using Stencil1 Valentine’s Day themed stencils and stamps.

Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_1 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_2 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_3 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_4 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_5 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_6 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_7 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_8 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_9 Stencil1_Valentines_Cards_10

Here are the stencils we used:

Wood Grain, Chevron, Bow + Arrow, Bullseye Stamp Set

Tattoo Heart


Flourishes 1

Heart Dripping

Day of the Dead, Roses, Diamond + Heart Stamp Set

Industrial Stencil Font

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