How-to Stencil instructions

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Stencil walls with an old-world look using Stencil1 repeat patterns and a a stencil brush



Download the pdf step-by-step instructions for repeating a stencil on your walls here:



Not just for walls! Stencil pillows with our repeat patterns and fabric paint.



Stencil t-shirts

Stencil1 t-shirt DIY

Stencil mason jars


Stencil wood panel art


Stencil a cake


Stencil vintage plates with spray paint featuring SUGAR spraypaint


Create a geometric floorcloth using painters tape and paint


Customize a shadowbox with your own memorabilia


Decoupage a tray with your favorite photos


Stencil T-shirts with Stencil1 stencils and fabric paint

Watch Ed Roth of Stencil show you how to stencil a t-shirt using a stencil brush and fabric paint!

YouTube Preview Image

Stencil 201 promo

Stencil201 Promo: So many ways to use the 25 stencils in the book!

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Stencil Walls with stencil repeat patterns

Stencil101 Decor: How to stencil a repeat wall pattern with Ed Roth

See Ed Roth on Good News Broadcast

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T-shirts with bleach paste – Stencil1 on Martha

Watch Stencil1 featured on Martha Stewart Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Stencil1 featured on Martha Stewart Part 2

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>>Download instructions on this bleach technique! (pdf file)

Watch Ed Roth of Stencil1 use the Stencil1 Sprayers

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A three-in-one demo : Tote bag, t-shirt, and card

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