How-to Stencil instructions


Modern Stenciling with GHTV and Stencil1

Transform your walls with statement-making stencils! You’ll learn how to make your own DIY stencil and create 3 modern looks on your wall.

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Learn how to make DIY modern art for your walls! You’ll learn how to create a variety of designs with some vibrant colors and tape.

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Learn the basics of stenciling with Stencil1′s very own, Ed Roth!

We teamed up with FaveCrafts to bring you all tutorials, along with tips and tricks, for all of your stenciling projects.

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This video will teach you the basic techniques of stenciling.

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This video will teach you different stencil brush techniques.

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Add layers to your stenciling projects with Stencil1 stencils like this one.

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Keep your stencils in shape every time you use them with these helpful tips.

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Upcycle your favorite t-shirt just like the one in this video.

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A thorough step by step video on how to stencil walls with our repeat pattern stencils videos titled  MR. STENCIL!

We partnered with to provide you the most detailed and fun how to videos!

Stencil walls with an old-world look using Stencil1 repeat patterns and a a stencil brush


Download the pdf step-by-step instructions for repeating a stencil on your walls here:



Not just for walls! Stencil pillows with our repeat patterns and fabric paint.


Stencil t-shirts

Stencil1 t-shirt DIY

Stencil mason jars


Stencil wood panel art


Stencil a cake


Stencil vintage plates with spray paint featuring SUGAR spraypaint


Create a geometric floorcloth using painters tape and paint


Customize a shadowbox with your own memorabilia


Decoupage a tray with your favorite photos


Stencil T-shirts with Stencil1 stencils and fabric paint

Watch Ed Roth of Stencil show you how to stencil a t-shirt using a stencil brush and fabric paint!

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Stencil 201 promo

Stencil201 Promo: So many ways to use the 25 stencils in the book!

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Stencil Walls with stencil repeat patterns

Stencil101 Decor: How to stencil a repeat wall pattern with Ed Roth

See Ed Roth on Good News Broadcast

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T-shirts with bleach paste – Stencil1 on Martha

Watch Stencil1 featured on Martha Stewart Part 1

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Watch Stencil1 featured on Martha Stewart Part 2

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>>Download instructions on this bleach technique! (pdf file)

Watch Ed Roth of Stencil1 use the Stencil1 Sprayers

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A three-in-one demo : Tote bag, t-shirt, and card

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Various favorite videos from YouTube: