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Welcome to Stencil1, a stencil design company started by Ed Roth in 2004 that produces laser cut washable, reusable stencils. Stencil1 combines it's love of modern, edgy DIY home decor with street art and stencil graffiti to offer a variety of stencils that can be used to customize clothing, walls, home decor, and all arts and crafts projects. Our designs range from traditional damask stencils and repeat pattern stencils to edgy graffiti and political stencils AND we even cut custom stencils! Our affordable stencils range in size from 3x3 inches to stencils that are over 6 feet tall such as our birch tree wall stencils. Our how-to's will show you how easy it is to stencil any surface - clothing, floors, furniture, you name it- and make you a true DIY expert!

Designer's Pick Stencils

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  • Triangle Flipped

    Triangle Flipped

    This 11″ x 11″square triangle pattern stencil is designed to repeat, creating a wallpaper effect on your walls.


  • Houndstooth


    This 24″ x 24″ Houndstooth stencil makes a bold statement on any wall and is also great for creating an accent wall.


  • Turntable – small

    Turntable – small

    This single image stencil measures 5.75″ wide by 6″ in height. Ideal for smaller surfaces, art projects, t-shirts, and more! (Also available in 8.5″ x 11″ )


  • Scallop Repeat Pattern

    Scallop Repeat Pattern

    This 11″ x 11″square scallop pattern stencil is designed to repeat, creating a wallpaper effect on your walls.


  • Cassette


    Standard sized stencils measure 8.5″ x 11″ with a single image. Make t-shirts using our stencils and fabric paint! Create a mural on your walls!


  • SURF 4-pack

    SURF 4-pack

    Surf’s UP! Summer-ize your gear with these surf-themed stencils. 8.5″ x 11″ sheet has 4 designs.