The Not-So Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Finally! An Ugly Christmas Sweater you can customize to your liking!  Make this sweater your own by adding elements that fit you and your personality.


So, grab your favorite stencils and let’s get started!

Things you will need: A plain pullover sweatshirt, white fabric paint, paint brushes, your favorite Stencil1 stencils, and Stencil1 Small Pattern stencils.


Step 1. Gather your materials. Make sure you have a piece of cardboard placed inside your sweatshirt before you start stenciling so that paint doesn’t transfer to the other side of the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt we are using is H&M‘s Cotton Sweatshirt in red.

Place your stencil on your desired location. Here, we started off with the Stripes Repeat Pattern stencil. (Tip: Place a long strip of masking tape across the width of your sweatshirt as a guide to align your stencils in a straight line.)


Step 2. Grab your paint and your paint brush. Dip the brush in the paint without any water. Make sure you dab the excess paint off the brush on a tissue or plate to prevent any bleeding underneath the stencil and start painting away! You may need to add an extra layer of paint in order to make it more opaque.


Step 3. Once you’re done painting, move the stencil along the width of your sweatshirt and continue painting.


Step 4. Once you are done with your first line, grab your next stencil. Here we used the Snowy Pine Tree stencil from the Winter Holiday 4-Pack. Using the same dry painting method in the previous step, paint over the stencil.


Step 5. Continue to move the stencil make the design repetitious all across the sweater.


Step 6. Grab another stencil of your choice. To fill up the gaps between the Snowy Pine Trees, we used the small snowflake from the Snowflakes stencil, also from the Winter Holiday 4-Pack.



Step 7. Continue to paint the sweatshirt alternating between different designs and different patterns. Here, we used the Moroccan Repeat Pattern stencil.



Try adding animals and some text! The Industrial Stencil font stencil is perfect to help get your message across this holiday season. We also used the Antlered Deer stencil from the Winter Holiday 4-Pack.


More patterns! Here, we used the Diamond Repeat Pattern stencil.


Finally, we finished off the sweatshirt using the Chevron Repeat Pattern stencil.


And that’s it! Feel free to mix up the designs and patterns to make it your very own Ugly Christmas Sweater.



Be sure to take pictures at your holiday parties and share it with us @Stencil1!


Holiday Tags

‘Tis season to be gift-giving! Add some handmade love to your gifts with your own DIY gift tags.


On the white paper gift tag, grab the Antlered Deer stamp set and a black stamp pad and start stamping away! Check out the rest of our Stencil1 stamp sets, here.


Now, on the black paper gift tag, with some white acrylic paint, grab the snowflake stencil from the Winter Holiday 4-Pack to make your White Christmas come to life!


And it doesn’t stop here! Use different combinations of colors and stencils to make each and every gift unique. Don’t forget to write who it’s from and a sweet little message on the opposite side of the tag to let your friend or loved one know how special they are this holiday season.




Take a picture and share it with us @Stencil1!


Modern Surrealist’s Festive Ornaments


Get into the holiday spirit with Stencil1 and Modern Surrealist‘s Marisa Pawelko! You may remember Marisa from her DIY Nautical Headboard and La Calavera T-Shirt she created using our stencils. She now returns with a new DIY to share with us using our Traditional Ornament Kit! Check out the full tutorial here!

The kit includes: 6 eco-friendly recycled wood composite holiday shaped ornaments, Stripes Repeat Pattern, String of Dots Repeat Pattern, Ornaments, and Star Rows stencils.


Isn’t the final product amazing?! We love the way Marisa takes an extra step and always adds a 3-dimensional accent to our stencils. Thanks, Marisa!

We’re always looking forward to see what Marisa has in store for us. Check out her blog for more DIY’s and inspiration!

We want to see your DIY ornaments using our Traditional Ornament Kit! The Geometric Ornament Kit is also available for endless creative possibilities this holiday.

Snap a picture and share it with us @Stencil!


Handmade Holidays 2015 – Stenciled Wooden Bracelet


With the holidays just a few weeks away, check out this DIY bracelet we created for Clearsnap‘s Handmade Holidays!

Handmade Holidays is a blog hop consisting of some of the best companies and bloggers providing you their best handmade gifts online. Learn how to win a giveaway of over $600 in craft supplies from here at Stencil1 and many more companies to help make your holiday handmade at the end of this tutorial.

Let’s get started!


Things you will need: Plain wooden bangles, Clearsnap ColorBox Classic Pigment Ink, paintbrushes, and Stencil1 small Repeat Pattern stencils.


Step 1. Gather your materials. With the color of your choice, paint the wooden bracelet. This will be the base color of the bracelet. We chose the Color Box Classic Pigment Ink in Picante. Let it dry for a few minutes.


Step 2. Once the bracelet is dry, grab the stencil of your choice. Here, we used the Chevron Repeat Pattern, but you can use any of our small Repeat Pattern stencils. Place the stencil on the bracelet. Tip: Try using a low-tack spray adhesive to hold down the stencil around the bracelet.


Step 3. Paint inside the stencil using a dabbing motion. Here, we used the ColorBox Metallic Pigment Ink in Gold. Make sure to dab the excess paint on a napkin or plate to prevent any bleeding underneath the stencil.


Step 4. Carefully remove the stencil.  Let the ink dry for a few minutes before you continue to stencil. Reposition the stencil to a spot on the bracelet that hasn’t been painted and repeat.


Step 5. Let the bracelet dry completely.


And that’s it! The perfect handmade gift that is very easy to make and also, very fashionable. Top your gift off with a custom ornament gift tag using Stencil1′s Ornament Shapes! In this ornament gift tag, we used the Corsiva 2″ font stencil, and the Pine Branch stencil from our Holiday 4-Pack stencil set, which is now on sale!


Take a pic and share it with us @Stencil1!

Be sure to check out all the other contributors for this year’s Handmade Holidays Blog Hop for more inspiration and handmade gift ideas!

**Handmade Holidays Giveaway**


We are having a giveaway of over $600 in craft supplies (Including our Geometric Ornament Kit!) to help you make this holiday handmade! Click HERE to enter.





Clarks’ 65th Anniversary of the Desert Boot was a hit!


Ed Roth helped bring the heritage of Clarks original desert boot to life through custom shoes and stencils that generated buzz at retail.

- Nicole Spagnola, Integrated Market Manager of GQ

Hosted by GQ at the Clarks’ Soho location, and featuring the Stencil1 brand. Founder, Ed Roth, customized the original Clarks boots, intertwining street-art with Clarks’ craftsmanship. To see the process in completing the finish look, click on this link.






With five customized boots in the front of the store in display, Roth and his team also led a workshop for the guests. Using the stencils Ed Roth exclusively designed for Clarks, attendees were able to experience a DIY portion; painting pocket squares with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint.


Here are some pictures of our event with Clarks!

102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2429_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2413_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2393_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2365_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2358_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2327_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2300_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2294_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2281_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2248_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2247_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2226_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2219_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2192_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2186_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2162_original 102815_Stencil1_Clarks_GQ__MG_2134_original




Check out our Facebook for more pictures from the event in the links below:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3 

Hope to see you all at our next event!


Fall Antlered Deer #Giveaway!


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