Our Top 10 DIY Wall Decor

Maybe you rent and don’t want to hear your landlord complain or you just don’t want to stencil directly on the walls. Well we have you covered with these wall-friendly projects.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites…Check out our Top 10 for DIY Wall Decor!


  1. The Different Types of Love –  Say it with stencils…words of love and inspiration turned into art
  2. Custom Wall Art for Child or Teen’s Bedroom - Self expression is everything
  3. GQ Curates Gap Event & Stencil1 Paints the New Khaki - Need something to tie the room together? Check this out! It is loaded with impressive ideas, especially for the living room.
  4. Embroidery Hoop Framed Stencil Art - Amp up your room with these cool embroidery hoop framed stencil art. A little detail goes a long way.
  5. For the Love of Jewelry - Too much jewelry? Try storing them in this neat jewelry stand!
  6. Pin It Up! - Get organized while being creative at the same time.
  7. Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse – Make your home more festive!
  8. Sparrow Wood Panels - Brighten up your room with these pop art wooden panels.
  9. Finding Objects, Making Treasures – You’ll never forget your keys at home after you try this DIY.
  10. Chalkboard To-Do How-To -This will make sure you stay productive!



Stencil1 Sprayers


Jazz up your wardrobe this Summer with our multi-surface color ink sprayers! With a variety of types and colors, Stencil1 Sprayers are ideal for both fabric and paper. It’s quick and super easy to use. Just prepare your stencil, shake up the sprayer, and spray away!

Snap a picture of it, and share it with us @Stencil1!


Watercolor stencil painted cards

Hey Stencilers! Forget the boring greeting cards you can find at the store and personalize your own notes and letters to your friends and family using Stencil 1 Pattern and Image stencils! Try this cool, trending watercolor effect to add more personality and creativity to your cards.

Things you will need: Stencil1 Diamond Repeat Pattern & Butterfly stencil, blank envelope and card, paintbrushes, paper towels, and a watercolor set. We wanted to use a more readily available watercolor set, so we chose Crayola’s Washable Watercolor set!


Step 1. Place the pattern stencil on the blank card.


Step 2. Using water, load up your brush with your desired color and start painting away!


Painting with watercolor can be a little tricky. Since we are using water to activate the paint, the paint may seep underneath the stencil and bleed out. Try dabbing your paint brush a few times on a paper towel to blot out any extra water. You will find it much easier and cleaner to paint this way! This will come in handy when painting with more detailed stencils.


Step 3. Add more dimension to your card! Let your work dry for several minutes. Grab another stencil and paint over your design. The possibilities are endless.


And there you have it! Step away from the emails and text messages, and try sending your loved ones a message in a more meaningful way today!


Snap a picture of it, and share it with us @Stencil1!


The Different Types of Love

Show your love ones how special they are with Stencil 1 Letters & Numbers stencils! This is a quick and fun way to show that   special person how much they mean to you. So come, join the fun and let love inspire you!

Things you will need: Stencil1 Letters & Numbers stencils, canvas, paintbrush, paint, and a bit of Imagination.


Step 1. Prepare the area where you are going to create this piece of loving art.


Step 2. Place the stencil in the desired location. Once placed, dab paintbrush lightly in paint, and paint within the stencil.



Step 3. After a minute or two, remove the stencil and start on another location.


Step 4. Once you’re finished with the piece, allow it to dry for several minutes.


Step 5. Show that special person how much you love them.

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Stencil1 Top 7 Summer DIY

Excited for the summer? So are we!  Check out our favorite Stencil1 summer DIY projects. Pick up that brush, start stenciling and bring in the summer with style!


1. Fern Shirt – get outside, find your favorite leaf or flower and make a nature inspired shirt!

2. Bucket Hat – back in style, make yours extra special by putting your favorite stencil on it!

3. Door Mat – people won’t be able to resist your front door.

4. Patio Rug – super awesome and weather proof!

5. Mason Jars – perfect for ice cold margaritas.

6. Drink Bucket –  get Fourth of July ready!

7. Sugar Skull Napkins – your friends won’t want to get these dirty.


This Father’s Day Give Dad Some Brooklyn Style

Gone are the days of last minute, boring Father’s Day gifts. Use our stencils from Stencil Style 101 or shop the site for your favorite designs to give Dad a gift that will make you the favorite child. Check out our tie how-to and other ideas below!

1. Anchor Tie

IMG_4878 copy

To make this tie you’ll need: anchor stencil from Stencil Style 101, stencil brush, fabric paint, and a tie.


First: Place the tie on a sturdy, flat surface exposing the area where you want to stencil.

IMG_1434 copy

Second: Place the stencil on the tie. You can secure the stencil by taping it with painter’s tape, spraying the back with spray adhesive, or by holding it with the hand you are not painting with.

IMG_1436 copy

Third: Begin to stencil the tie by dabbing the brush up and down. Remember that stenciling is a dry brush technique. This means you are using very little paint and applying multiple coats. Once you are done stenciling, lift the stencil and allow it to dry to touch. Finish up by heat sealing it with an iron.

IMG_1437 copy

You can stencil one anchor or multiple to make a pattern!


Your Dad isn’t a tie person? Check out these other ideas using stencils from this book!

2. Checkered Suitcase


3. Brooklyn Hat


4. Bowtie T 


5. Stenciled Boots


6. Brooklyn Anchor Henley


7. Travel Bag


8. Bike Helmet  


Don’t want to buy the book? You can also purchase most of these stencil separately!

Brooklyn Nautical (BROOKLYN, anchor)

Bow Tie

Feathers & Wings




Happy Father’s Day!