Spring Bicycle Shirt

Out with the old and in with the new! Ready to revamp your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead? Try revamping that old shirt of yours with this DIY and turn it into your own personalized work of art. DSC03113

The materials you will need for this DIY project are painters tape, Spray Adhesive, three colors of paint, a shirt, paint brush, cardboard, and our Penny Farthing Stencil


The first step is to iron your shirt and get rid of any wrinkles that may hinder the stenciling process. After that, place your cardboard inside the shirt to provide a stable surface during stenciling.


Place tape along the bottom of the shirt to create a guideline when moving your stencil. This prevents your design from coming out crooked.


Apply Spray adhesive to the back of the stencil. Now place your stencil wherever you want the design to begin, and choose your first paint color to work with.



Begin stenciling the design onto the shirt!



Once you’re satisfied with the coverage from the paint, slowly peel away the stencil.



Pick your next color to work with, and repeat the process, moving along the tape you had set earlier.




Continue with as many colors as you want, following a pattern or going free style!



As you continue the project, you can either wash your stencil and brush in between each step, or leave the prior paint on the stencil to create a distressed gradient effect.



Once you’re satisfied with the placements of your design, remove the painters tape and voila! Your personalized shirt is ready to wear.




Now that your old shirt is personalized and looking brand new, take it out on a stroll with your bike this Spring! Don’t forget to share your projects with us @Stencil1!




Mum Frame Quote Wall Art

Spring is not too far away! Get ready for the warm weather, bright colors, and beautiful flowers with a new how-to from Stencil1! Freshen up your walls with this lovely frame featuring our new Mum stencils and an inspiring quote to get you through the last few weeks of Winter!


Things you will need: A frame, Stencil1 Sprayers, Stencil1 Small Single Image Stencils, brushes, and paint.


First, stain your frame with a Stencil1 Sprayer. This will give the frame a nice, pigmented finish. Here, we’re using the color, Tan. Brush the ink along the frame until all sides are evenly coated.



Once your frame is dry. Grab your first stencil. Here we are using the Asian Mum stencil. Place the stencil in your desired location on the frame.


With a brush and the paint color of your choice, start painting away using a dry brush method. Dip your brush into your paint, then dab the excess paint on another plate or paper towel to prevent any bleeding underneath the stencil.





Next, grab another stencil. Here, we are using the Exotic Mum stencil, and repeat!


Play around with different stencils and placements. Here, we are using the Mum stencil.



Add more color to your frame by stenciling with different color paints.


Lastly, add a photograph or an inspiring quote to your frame and hang it somewhere really nice so you and everyone can see!



Don’t forget to share your frame with us @Stencil1!


Stencil1 Home Office gets a Container Store Makeover



“I would stand in the cluttered closet and my brain would get fuzzy since I didn’t know where to begin,” Ed Roth, owner of Stencil1, recalls. “The business grew but the storage didn’t.” He lists the countless supplies needed on any given work day: paints, brushes, adhesive sprays, tape, stencils of all sizes, work surfaces of all sizes. “Things accumulate, and you have to consciously have a place for all of them. The physical clutter and not being able to find things was affecting productivity, cluttering my mind.”

Ed  was having a “Calgon, take me away” moment, except there was no escape. Stencil1’s studio is also his Brooklyn apartment (his warehouse and manufacturing facility are outside this space). “I choose to live and work in the same place to be efficient, to have everything I need in one place. There is no forgetting something at the office in this set-up.”

But because his commute is to the next room, the boundaries between living and working began to be like his brain, fuzzy.

“Aesthetic is important to me,” he says. “Having nice looking items around me, as well as a clean and organized space, allows me to focus on my design work. I think I have some OCD, and I see things as right and wrong sometimes. Wrong being anything out of place or messy. I can’t move ahead easily with work if something is “wrong”.

Luckily, the Container Store swooped in like a fairy godmother to transform his office and walk-in art supply closet. They tidied the detritus, or rather offered the right storage solutions for it, and Stencil 1 got the makeover it needed.

Any kind of change is not without its growing pains. Of having the Container Store and Art Director Amelia Meena of AppleshineNYC come into his space to evaluate what stayed and what went, Ed admits, “It’s not easy. I wanted to control the situation and I wanted it done fast. But that was a great lesson learned. You have to tear it all apart and start over, and it will take longer than you think, but the results will be long-lasting and worth it. I have learned in business to trust people with what they do best and that motto rang clear here. They are experts. They listened to how my workflow happens and implemented the solutions based on that.”

Ed learned not only to open his mind to storage solutions but also to design suggestions. Art Director, Shannan Johnson introduced Ed to Poppin and it’s colorful line of office accessories. “I love the pop of navy in my otherwise neutral office. It adds a nice pop of color that I would not have thought to implement.”

So, the Container Store camped out for a week in Brooklyn, bringing with them their Elfa storage system and countless containers of all kinds to house the clutter. One main issue was filing. “I would not file things because I had an old filing cabinet and two small plastic ones,” Ed says. “Now, I have two nice new Bisley filing cabinets as well as drawers.” Another issue was that his custom desktop had no drawers. “I have a ton of photos, design clippings, and art that I am always sorting through and archiving. I am not a minimalist or essentialist. I collect art and have taken photos since I was 13.”

Ed acknowledges that he’s struggled with placing too much emotional value on objects. “I have learned to let go if it’s of no use to me. I still do this occasionally, but that doesn’t mean I have to hoard.”

Now that it’s finished, what does Ed hope this reset button will bring?

“I think some delusions of organization are complete life happiness” he jokes, “…but seriously, I want to just know where everything is. I have many new projects on the table – new textile and wallpaper developments, new stencils and tools, events, collaborations – and being organized allows me to efficiently juggle all of these projects.  Having The Container Store team do this for me is life-changing, I feel a total recharge.”

Ed will post several tips he learned on how to get and stay organized. Stay tuned for more posts to the blog, Periscope, and the Stencil1 Facebook page.

See the full Before and After blog post on The Container Store’s blog Container Stories.

This post was written by Tami Mnoian


Indigo Mum Wall Art

With the Winter Holidays behind us, we’re all looking forward to those first few weeks of Spring where the flowers are blooming and the bikes are strolling. One way to prepare for the Spring time is to start looking for ways to redecorate our homes. With this DIY, we’ll show you how to make these unique wooden panels that are sure to add the perfect Spring touch to your house. We drew inspiration from Japanese textiles when creating these wooden panel.


The materials you will need include 4 square wooden panels, paint, spray ink (choose from our array of different finishes like neon, metallic, and standard) , a paint brush, scrap paper, and two of our mum stencils. Here, we are using Asian Mum and Exotic Mum.


First, lay out your scrap paper to protect your area. Then place one of your wooden panels on top. Grab your spray ink and begin to spray the panel. We went for our Standard Spray Ink in Blue.



Continue to spray the ink onto the wooden panel until it is completely covered. What makes using ink on wood so great is that it creates a pigmented staining effect, while allowing the grain of the wood to show through. Once you finish the first panel, move onto the others.



Gather all the panels and align them right next to each other. Now that we’ve created the perfect base, it’s time to stencil! Grab one of the mum flower stencils (either the Asian Mum or Exotic Mum) and lay it on top of the panels. TIP: To prevent the stencil from moving out of place during painting, apply spray adhesive to the back of the stencil.


Grab your paint (we went for a white color) and brush, and begin to stipple the paint onto the stencil. Go for an opaque coverage or a distressed kind of look.


Once you finish, gently lift the stencil up to reveal your beautiful floral design.


Continue to stencil the wooden panels, alternating between the Asian Mum and Exotic Mum.



Once you’re satisfied with the amount of flowers placed on the panels, you’re done!


Space them apart evenly when hanging on the wall to create a cohesive balance.



With the bright pigment of the Ink Spray and the fresh feel of the mum stencils, these customized wooden panels make the perfect wall art for Spring! Share your projects with us @Stencil1!


Pirate-Themed Table Runners

We love when our Stencil1 customers share with us what they create using our stencils! Mary created this awesome table runner for a pirate-themed reception using many of our nautical-inspired single image and repeat pattern stencils. We really like how you laid everything out. It looked challenging working with such a huge surface, but you definitely conquered the table runner. Amazing job, Mary!

IMG_0011 (1)




Here’s a list of stencils Mary used for her table runners:

Bold Chain Repeat Pattern

Wood Grain Repeat Pattern

Repeat Fashion Chains 4-Pack



Jolly Roger


Palm Tree


Brooklyn Nautical

BONUS! Mary also shared with us her favorite piece she has created using our 1Man stencil.


Do you have  work you created using our stencils and want to show it to the world? Share it with us and you may be featured in our next post!


Stencil1 on Periscope

I have been having a blast on Periscope, broadcasting some fun how to projects and random day-to-day inspiration here in NYC. If you have not yet downloaded Periscope, it’s an app for your phone where you can broadcast live as well as chat live, a real party on your phone.  I hope you can join in, send me some questions, chat, throw in a few hearts, it should be a fun time!