Stencil1– Not just an online store!

Here at Stencil1, we provide creativity in many ways. First we have a collection of stencils for home decor, apparel, and crafts. With over 450 designs and growing, we hope to provide beautiful design choices for all. We also create custom stencils, it can be a company logo or someone’s illustrator art.

We also do installation of these custom designs or customers may choose from our collection and enlarge it for their walls. We have done Benjamin Moore HeadQuarters, the Ace Hotel in NYC, as well as various corporate offices.  Ed Roth, the founder of Stencil1, also curates and hosts DIY events with major brands, some such as Levi’s, the Gap, and Etsy.

For more information on how we can assist on your next project or event, email

levis_pride_2017_3 marcella stencils


Stencil1 X Candie Cooper Jewelry Round Up


Every person is unique! Why settle for jewelry that doesn’t totally represent you and your style when you can make your own?! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Candie from to bring you all a round up of jewelry projects that you can make and customize yourself with the help of creativity and Stencil1 stencils. Make a few for yourself or a friend!

1. Star Spangled Bangles – Using wood or plastic bangles you can find at thrift stores and craft stores, carefully place a stencil of your choice with masking tape or binder clip. You can also try using adhesive spray and adhering the stencil to the bangle. Once secure, fill in the open areas of the stencil with either paint, markers, or even glitter! Read more in Stencil Style 101

2. DIY Painted Cuffs - This quick DIY that Candie made with our Stencil1 Moroccan Petal stencil are to die for. Check out how you can make your own!

3. Give Me Your Leather – This stenciled necklace is the PERFECT statement necklace! Grab a piece of leather material, prep it, and paint your favorite Stencil1 Repeat Pattern stencil! Once dry, cut out the shapes and glue onto another leather backing piece with fabric glue until satisfied with the shape. Poke one hole on each end of the backing and attach a ribbon! Read more in Stencil201

4. Shrinky Dink! – Stencil your favorite designs onto shrink plastic and turn your shrunken designs into wearable jewelry art! Pop it into an oven, and once shrunk and cooled, attach it to a simple chain and add beads! Read more in Stencil201

5. Holiday Bangle Gift - Looking for the perfect gift? This bangle uses the perfect mix of solids, metallics, and patterns. Super easy with neat tricks to try. Check it out!

6. For The Love Of Jewelry – Well, you’re going to need somewhere to hang the jewelry you just made, right? This DIY will teach you how to make your own jewelry stand with some wood, brass hooks, and tape!

Which DIY are you going to try? Share with us @Stencil1!


Stencil1 X Levi’s Pride 2017 DIY Party


Levi’s asked us for a second year in a row to curate a DIY event for Pride 2017 and we jumped right in. Hello Mr. was the host and they brought the crowd. The difference this year was we made it a DIY rather than we customize for the attendees, this is the way we like it the most! Everyone was given a Levi’s tote to customize or any purchase could also be painted and boy did they paint.  Whether it was messages of EQUALITY and LOVE or just some Summer fun with our new tropical monstera and banana leaves, everyone left with a one-of-a-kind item.

Levi’s also has a new special-edition pride collection with bold messages like FIGHT STIGMA, this brand is truly for the cause of equal rights to all and we are grateful to work with them.
See the collection here.

StudioBooth was in the house and set up a selfie booth! See all the gorgeous people who struck a pose here.

Here’s a pic of Ed Roth, founder of Stencil1 with the DJ for the night, Sparber.

A few of of favorite event photos are below and you can see a slew of other pics on Stencil1’s Facebook page here. Be sure to ‘Like’ us while you are there.

levis_pride_2017_6 levis_pride_2017_5 levis_pride_2017_4 levis_pride_2017_3 levis_pride_2017_2 levis_pride_2017_8 levis_pride_2017_7 levis_pride_2017_1

Special thanks to Tramaine George for the photos!


Memorial Day Stencils

Memorial Day is next week! And in honor those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom, we are happy to present to you all our stencils inspired by these heroes. Show them plenty of love and respect by creating works of art, t-shirts, tote bags, and more!


Statue of Liberty


Chevron Pattern


Combat Boots


Cargo Font


American Flag 2-Layer

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Tropical Leaves Wood Panel Art


You can make art for your home that reflects the latest trends and it’s very affordable. Tropical leaves are also on-trend and our new Stencil1 2-in-1 Monstera Tropical Leaf stencil was great for this easy DIY. Tip: Save the stencil cut-outs! Keep reading and you’ll see why!

Start off with a few small, plain wood panels.


This powder pink color is everywhere right now, so that was our base color. We mixed the color and painted our panels.

tropical_leaves_02 tropical_leaves_03

For more variety, we added a strip of painter’s tape diagonally across on of the panels and painted one of sides pink.



Metallics are still trending, so we also added some lines of metallic using painters tape.



Using the new Monstera Tropical Leaf stencil, we painted the leaf a nice dark green for a interesting contrast to the powder pink base.


To create something a little less predictable, we painted half of the leaf by taping off a part of it.




Save the cut-out! Using the cut-out of the stencil, we placed it on the panel that we only painted half a leaf and added tape to keep it in place. We painted over the cut-out in order to get the negative image of the leaf!




Using a combination of the stencil and its cut-out calls for endless eclectic designs. Mix them up along with different colors and metallics. All you need is a little tape! The rest is in your control.


Show us your take on this trend @Stencil1!


Soho Beach House Art Party

Although the weather’s getting warmer up here in NYC, we couldn’t resist another trip down to Miami for another art party at the Soho Beach House! We spent Valentine’s Day at Soho Beach House making DIY cards and t-shirts with moms and their kids, but now we’re back painting simple wood panels with a young adult creative crowd.


Some of the guests layered patterns, while others used our iconic stencil designs for a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Many found it calming to sit and let their creativity run free while sippin’ on a glass of rosé! Here are some photos from the event:











DIY parties are always a fun time! Email us at if you want us to come to your next art party!