Stencil1 @West Elm DIY Recap

We had a sweet time at the Stencil1 Demo & DIY event with West Elm Market! To announce that West Elm Market is carrying our new Repeat Pattern stencils we did a demo showing the versatility of a stencil.  The West Elm display crew stenciled this beautiful wall with our Chevron stencil…




I demonstrated how to use fabric paint to stencil some West Elm napkins.


I used Tulip SOFT fabric paint. Once you heat seal and wash your napkins, the painted areas become soft, it’s quality fabric paint.




I did the repeat process while the attendees got a chance to be creative with our smaller patterns.


The DIY project was card-making.




We used ClearSnap ink pads, stencil brushes and our geometric designs as well as some bird stencils. All ages were getting into it!



A wise choice…



I love this distressed chevron card!


Here’s the final napkin shots, I can’t wait to use these for a fun dinner party! Show us how you use Stencil1 stencils @stencil1 !






Mum Hallway

Betsy Burnett was part of our Spring Blogger Campaign. Check out her post at Aim Happy to see how she gave her hallway a gorgeous makeover with our 11 x 11 Product of the Year 3 Mum Stencil. We love the colors she chose and the composition of her frames. Great job!




Cherry Blossom Office

We are excited to share Marjolaine Walker’s beautiful Cherry Blossom DIY. Marjolaine is a mixed media artist who was part of out Spring Blogger Campaign. She used our 11 x 11 Product of the Year Cherry Blossom Stencil to create a mural in her office. We love the way she made the branch hang from her ceiling. Show us what type of murals Marjolaine has inspired you to make.




Triangle Chair Makeover

Carmen Flores Tanis from Bzzy Little Bee was part of our Spring Blogger Campaign. She used our 11 x 11 Product of the Year Flipped Triangle Stencil to refresh a beautiful chair in her home. Follow her DIY tutorial to get ideas on how to makeover your furniture.

Stencil1 Chair Redo by Carmen Flores Tanis 2


Stencil1 Chair Redo by Carmen Flores Tanis 13

Stencil1 Chair Redo by Carmen Flores Tanis 1


Fourth of July Tank

Using stencils to re-invent your summer wardrobe is a great way to say goodbye to Father Winter! One of the best things about a Fourth of July Tank is that it’s fun, easy, and everyone can do it. So to celebrate the weather we all have been waiting for, pick up a stencil and give Lady Liberty a treat!

Things you’ll need to make this tank top: 6 x6 in Stencil1 Statue of Liberty, Stencil1 Ice Cream 4-Pack,  Aleene’s Tacky Spray, Tulip Soft Fabric Spray, a tank top, cardboard insert, brushes, painter’s tape (optional).


Step 1: Start by placing the tank top on top of a card board insert. Position the Statue of Liberty where you want the design placed on the shirt . Once you have chosen a desired placement, lift the stencil and lightly spray Aleene’s Tack Spray on the back of the stencil. Place the stencil back into the desired location. Place painter’s tape along the edges of the stencil to protect the tank top from paint (optional).


Step 2: Start stenciling by using a dry-brush technique. This means using very little paint to reduce the chance of lumpy paint on the finish product.


Step 3: Once you are done stenciling the Statue of Liberty, remove the stencil off the tank top and place to the side, allow the paint to dry for about five minutes. Take the Ice-Cream 4-Pack, and place it Ice Cream cone in a position that makes it look like Lady Liberty is holding it. Repeat step 2 to position the stencil.


Step 4: Start stenciling using the dry-brush technique. Once finished stenciling, remove Ice-Cream 4-Pack and place to the side.



Step 5: Allow tank-top five minutes to dry. Once dry, remove shirt from card board insert. Once the paint is dry, iron the shirt to heat-seal the paint.


Snap a picture of it, and share it with us @Stencil1!





Our top 10 DIY Home Decor Projects


Excited to start your next stencil DIY project? Need some inspiration? Check out our favorite DIY home decor projects, get inspired and start customizing your home!

1. Bouquet Pillow: Perfect for your living room, office or bedroom!

2. Accent Walls:  Give your room a fresh look!

3. Dining Set: For a pop of color in your dining room.

4. Forrest Mural: Great way to customize your hallway.

5. Floor Mat: Greet all your friends with this awesome mat!

6. Placemat: Perfect fora table in any room in the house or in your deck!

7. To-do Chalkboard: To stay productive!

8. Cherry Blossom Bulletin Board: Give your office a unique look.

9. Geometric Star Tray: To hold all the little items you love in your room.

10. Customized Lamp: Make your own vintage inspired lamp.