Make Your Mark with Stencil1, a charity event with Housing Works

Stencil1 has had some very fun DIY events with major brands such as the Gap and Levi’s. We bring the stencils and paint, they supply the clothing, and it’s a party.  Well, we have taken that formula and are applying it to charity. We are beyond thrilled to be working with Housing Works, a nonprofit organization providing housing, medical, prevention, support services for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Stencil1- Web Graphic

We are raising money for this cause in two ways: Through a DIY event in the Housing Works thrift store in Chelsea where you get to DIY political posters and clothing AND by auctioning off a chair that Stencil1 founder, Ed Roth, customized with political stencils.

Here are the details:

Stencil1 - Poster

The event is sponsored by Pebeo. They generously donated fabric paint so we can stencil clothing at this event. Come and learn how to stencil your own political poster for the next protest, or just customize some clothing you purchase. You’ll feel good doing it as all proceeds go right to Housing Works!

You can register for the event here!

Bid on the chair! Ed customized this chair donated by William Grant & Sons with political messaging to make a real statement piece in your home. Activism has never looked so chic!


Stay tuned for more information on how you can bid on this chair online!

Here are some process photos of the chair being customized:

It all started off with this sketch. I printed a picture of the chair before it was painted and started sketching on it to get some ideas.










Let us know if you’re coming @Stencil1! See you there!


Ottlite LED Bluetooth® Speaker Lamp

We loved our Ottlite Crane LED Light with Clamp! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Ottlite has come out with a new LED Bluetooth® Speaker Lamp! As seen here, it’s making our ugly modem jealous!


Not only does it have 5 brightness settings, it also has a wireless speaker and a USB charging port!

Features we like:

We love music. Thanks to the bluetooth speaker, music is always playing in our office. Today, Billie Holiday is on play!


Love the sleek design, the patterned front, the touch buttons, and the light is even and pleasing.

ottlite_ledlamp_1 ottlite_ledlamp_2

Thanks, Ottlite! If you want your own Ottlite lamp, check out in-store at any Jo-Ann’s or Costco, and online at Amazon and the Ottlite website.

This is a sponsored post and we are proud Ottlite ambassadors.


Another Addition to the Stencil1 Zoo!


Here at Stencil1 we’re always coming up with new stencil designs. Today we have just released a new stencil inspired by April the Giraffe. Get ready to go on a make-believe safari ride with the new Stencil1 Giraffe stencil!

Things you will need: Stencil1 Giraffe stencil, paper, Stencil1 Sprayers, and a cosmetic sponge


First, we prepped our paper by ripping off the sides to give a distressed, vintage look.



Place the stencil in your desired location of the paper.


With the Stencil1 Sprayer of your choice, spray the bottom, more dense end, of the cosmetic sponge. Using a cosmetic sponge works perfectly with spray inks because it gives you more control than a brush, but still helps maintain the translucent quality of the ink.


Dab the cosmetic sponge over the stencil and slowly build up the opacity of the spray ink until you are satisfied with the color.


And you’re done!


Good luck, April! Be sure to check out our other Animal Stencils, such as the Stencil1 Lion, Elephant, Rhino, and Zebra and create a zoo of your own!

Share your work with us @Stencil1


Stencil1 Officially Live At


We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched at

As one of the number one places DIYers and Weekend Warriors shop, we are thrilled to have our stencils offer along-side of paint, tape, brushes, and all the other tools and materials that Home Depot sells.  The Home Depot has also greatly expanded their craft section and we’re excited to be a part of it.  Also, our repeat pattern stencils will go great with their tremendous selection of wall paint. A one-stop-shop for sure.

Just search “Stencil1″ at and choose from hundreds of designs. Shop now!

We can’t wait to see what more this year has in store us. Check our blog and our social media @Stencil1 for more news and updates as we continue to grow our American dream. Thank you.

Oh, and of course we love their logo as it’s a stencil font!


Customized Trick of the Eye

Dr. Jart NY Office_020713_by Jerome Cha_061

We design our own stencils, but we can also make custom stencils for you! Our latest client, Dr. Jart+, a high-end cosmetics line, asked us to install a whole series of wall stencils for their office in NY. We created large stencils for their logo and even their products!

Dr. Jart NY Office_020713_by Jerome Cha_057

Dr. Jart NY Office_020713_by Jerome Cha_060

Kristofer Ghadry, the Design Director, thought it would be clever to make stencils that fooled the eye. So, we created stencils that looked like their products were on shelves on the wall! It’s an extremely unique idea and it really tied the space together.

Dr. Jart NY Office_020713_by Jerome Cha_053

Check out our Gallery for more installation work from our clients such as, Benjamin Moore, Z Hotel, and more!

Interested in working with Stencil1 for a custom installation? Email us at for more information and a quote!


Old English Tees


OLD ENGLISH has made a comeback in fashion. Why not make it a little more YOU with the Stencil1 Old English 2″ font stencil and some fabric paint? We played off of these trends:

Kanye West’s I FEEL LIKE PABLO long sleeve tees and hoodies:


Vetements – The 90’s reference of high school metalhead hoodies and long sleeves with embellished sleeves:


Here’s the steps on how we made our OE tee:

We centered the “I” below the neck on the back of the shirt. Since our stencils are somewhat see-through, when writing words you can see if you are aligned and spaced as you wish. There is no need to cut up your stencil.



Be sure to dry each letter with a hair dryer BEFORE doing the next letter. This way you won’t smudge your letters and get paint on the back of the stencil.



COFFEE ruled in this case!


Get creative and share your final designs with us @Stencil1