Stencil1′s HUGE event

Last week, we paid a visit to HUGE digital agency and held a workshop specially for their team! With Tulip fabric paints, the team brought their own shirts and totes and stenciled on-trend, cool designs. It was a success! Everyone was so into it. Great job guys.

Big thanks to HUGE for having us!



Chanel Custom Stencil

Recently, we created a custom Chanel logo stencil for New York based make up artist, Michael Anthony! This custom stencil was featured in a fashion editorial for Chanel. Here are some of the stunning photographs from the editorial. They came out amazing!

Thanks, Michael Anthony!

MichaelAnthony_3 MichaelAnthony_2 MichaelAnthony_1

Do you also need a custom stencil? Let Stencil1 create one for you!

We specialize in creating stencils to fit any of your personal or business needs. From custom wall stencils and corporate stencils, to wedding stencils and many more! We got you covered.

Let’s get started! Click here for more information.



Be One of a Kind

While Summer is coming to an end, what’s a better way than to prepare your notebooks, journals, and planners before your work load creeps in!


Stylize those plain books of yours, by customizing them with our lettered stencils.

It’s back to school and we’re all tired of those name tags we used to have in elementary school. So, get creative and personalize your belongings with a DIY.

Step 1. Gather your supplies: books, Stencil1 letter stencils, marker, brushes, and paint colors. Have tape and repositionable adhesive spray mount if needed.


Step 2. Spray the back of the letter you want to use and place it on the spot of the book you want to customize. If you feel that some letters are too close and you are afraid of spreading the paint, cover it up with tape.


Step 3.  Load up your brush with the paint color you have chosen. Make sure your first layer is not too thick by dabbing away any extra paint. You can always add an extra layer until you’re satisfied with the consistency and color.

IMG_1329 IMG_1336 IMG_1343

Step 4. Let the wet paint sit for a bit, then carefully peel off the stencil.


Step 5. Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding a new design. Feel free to mix-and-match stencils from our other collections to add personal touches.




We always look forward in seeing your finished look, so share your design by posting a picture and tagging @stencil1 to any of your social media sites.



GHTV Stencil Wall Art with Stencil1

Previously, we posted about our Good Housekeeping TV class where you can learn all the details on wall stenciling.
Well, our second class has launched with Good Housekeeping TV and this one is fast, easy, and affordable!
Learn to create decorative wall art that is on trend and packs a design punch. Ed Roth will show you step-by-step how to create one of a kind works using wood panels, tape, and paint for only $2.99!

Check it out now!
Make sure to also check out our other class here where you learn how to stencil walls with stencils you cut out from our free downloadable class files!


Product of the Year Sizzle Reel

The impact of winning the Product of the Year award in Home Design has been overwhelming! We are so grateful. Below is a sizzle reel from Product of the Year. We are in the company of some of the biggest names!
Here are some stats according to the POY peeps:

There were 25 total bookings, 17 TV and 8 Radio, including live and pre-taped segments with Jill Martin.

There were 393 broadcast airings, with over 8.4 million total impression and 1,995 product mentions across the country. That brings our total to over 500 million media impressions for the 2015 winners.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks again to everyone who voted!


Stencil1 Top 13 DIY Halloween Projects


It’s scary but it’s true, many die-hard crafters and makers are creating Halloween projects now in Summer! Well, we think we have the best collection of Halloween stencils around! Skulls, bats, famed monsters, haunted housescute pumpkins, so many to choose from!

Even Martha Stewart likes Stencil1’s Halloween stencils, here’s owner Ed Roth with the queen of craft herself.

(Ed made her a tote bag or two using sugar skull stencils and bat stencils). We also have tasteful Fall themed designs like our regal Antlered Deer and Autumn leaves stencils if that is more your style.


See all our Halloween stencil designs here and here is a round up of our top ten Halloween how-to projects! If you are on Pinterest,check out our Stencil1 Halloween board as well here.

Want to check out more Halloween designs… Check out these scary stencils!
Frankenstein Trick or Treat Tote Bag

Halloween Stencil Set

Autumn Windows

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Halloween Goodie Bags

Pumpkin Tattoos

Pumpkins in Chains

Spooky Canvas Bags

Halloween Cards

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…

Queen Stewart goes Goth

Halloween Glitter Pumpkins and Glitter Apparel