New Quatrefoil Ornament Kit

Introducing a new addition to the Kits!


Our *NEW* Stencil1 Quatrefoil Ornament Kit is perfect for every occasion. Use it as an elegant ornament for your Christmas tree, a lovely gift tag for your loved ones, or even a place card for your next dinner party!

These new ornaments designed by Stencil1 are hand-crafted in the USA and they support a charitable cause! When you purchase our Stencil1 wood ornaments, you are helping people – the company that makes these rehabilitates people struggling against addictions, teaches them wood-working skills, and provides them housing. We are proud to offer these!

Paint them solid metallic for some glimmer!


You can also paint them with Stencil1 Small Pattern Stencil for a fun, modern ornament! Here we used the Stencil1 String Of Dots Repeat Pattern Stencil.

quatrefoil_ornament2 quatrefoil_ornament3

Either way you decided to paint it, the quatrefoil is a timeless and bold shape that will make anything look chic and stylish.


Here’s how we did it on this past Make It Monday!

YouTube Preview Image

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Stencil1 Will Be At The 2016 American Made Summit

We will have a booth at the Martha Stewart Living Curated Shopping Fair at the American Made Summit on October 21-22. There are lots of special speakers at this event so get your tickets here now!


Stencil1′s very own, Ed Roth, will be there, so be sure to stop by and say hi! This is the perfect opportunity to learn more and ask questions about our American made brand. We will also be selling Stencil1 sell stencils, books, wood ornaments, and hand-made items! One of these items include this awesome handmade decoupage tray:




Are you going to be at the 2016 American Made Summit? Let us know in the comments below or @Stencil1!

See you there!


Announcing Stencil1 Inspiring Wall Decor Decals

We are thrilled to announce we are now offering inspirational wall decals for your walls! There fun designs – The Adventure Begins,  Your Journey Awaits, and Life isn’t About Waiting  for the Storm to Pass It’s Learning to Dance in the Rain. We are so excited to offer these as well hope they will inspire you each day when you have this message on your wall!

The designs will be available in Hobby Lobby stores and on their website starting mid October 2016.



Pumpkins with a twist – wicked clay stems


This DIY adds a wicked touch to your Halloween decorations and it’s easy! Using modeling clay, we created these twisty black stems to some white pumpkins for a Halloween look that Tim Burton would approve. You’ll need modeling clay, pumpkins either real or faux and a butter knife for cutting shapes. This is also a kid-friendly craft project as it’s basically playing with clay!


Roll out your clay into an oblong shape, make one end thin.



Stick the thicker side right on top of the pumpkins stem.


Press it down, making a stem-like organic shape.


Twist the clay to make a wicked look.



You can give it a curly end for that Nightmare Before Christmas, scary look.


We did this larger faux pumpkin as well. Try cutting shapes with a butter knife and sticking them on the pumpkin. Carved pumpkins are beautiful but this no-cut project makes it easier and a great effect!


Display your creations as a table centerpiece on wood slabs for drama.


share your creations with us @stencil

See this DIY in our video # 5 Make it Mondays:

YouTube Preview Image



Antlered Deer DIY Wood Art


Fall has finally arrived! Celebrate Autumn’s arrival with a fresh, new, and easy DIY. Use the Stencil1 Antlered Deer stencil to create your own woodsy decor, customize your craft projects, or even on fabric such as pillows!

Things you will need: A piece of wood, paint and a paint brush, and the Stencil1 Antlered Deer stencil.


Place the stencil in the middle of the piece of wood.


With the color of your choice load up your brush. Brown is a great color to compliment the warm hues of Fall! Be sure to wipe the excess paint off your brush on a paper towel or plate to prevent any bleeding underneath your stencil.


Paint over your stencil in a dabbing motion.


Once dry, carefully remove the stencil to reveal the final image.


Be sure to hang up your print for all to see!


Share your Fall creations with us @Stencil1!


Holiday Ornaments Get a Halloween Twist


Holiday – I mean Halloween wood ornaments are in! Get creative and crafty this Halloween and use these fun little ornaments as gift tags, place cards, decorations, and more. Who says tree decorating is only for Christmas? Decorate the tree outside with your ornaments to show off your Halloween spirit!

Grab your favorite Stencil1 Halloween stencils, some paint and brushes, and your Stencil1 Ornament Shapes kit, and let’s get started!

Painting these small wood ornaments can be difficult. With the help of our OttLite 2-in-1 LED Magnifier Floor and Table Light, painting and touching up on small details have been made a lot easier!


Check out how we did created these Halloween wood ornaments with the Stencil1 Jack-O-Lantern 2 stencil and the Bride of Frank stencil on this past Make it Monday!

YouTube Preview Image

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