Old English Tees


OLD ENGLISH has made a comeback in fashion. Why not make it a little more YOU with the Stencil1 Old English 2″ font stencil and some fabric paint? We played off of these trends:

Kanye West’s I FEEL LIKE PABLO long sleeve tees and hoodies:


Vetements – The 90’s reference of high school metalhead hoodies and long sleeves with embellished sleeves:


Here’s the steps on how we made our OE tee:

We centered the “I” below the neck on the back of the shirt. Since our stencils are somewhat see-through, when writing words you can see if you are aligned and spaced as you wish. There is no need to cut up your stencil.



Be sure to dry each letter with a hair dryer BEFORE doing the next letter. This way you won’t smudge your letters and get paint on the back of the stencil.



COFFEE ruled in this case!


Get creative and share your final designs with us @Stencil1


Valentine’s Day at the Soho Beach House


Recently, we had another all ages event with the Soho Beach House for a Valentine’s Day DIY day.
The turn-out was mostly Mom’s with their children, ages 3-8 and everyone loved having some craft
time with our Valentine’s Day stencils.

Some made cards with messages of LOVE, others painted shirts with some fabric paint.


The ClearSnap ink pads in gold silver, black, red and pink were a huge hit. They are so easy to use with our stencils because you can’t overload your brush (or in this case sponge). Even the 3 year olds got the hang of it! Some parents said they even already owned some of our stencil books and ClearSnap inks!


valentines_sohomiami_09 valentines_sohomiami_07 valentines_sohomiami_05 valentines_sohomiami_08


Stencil1 x Levi’s Meatpacking Men’s Fashion Week Event


On January 25th, 2017, Stencil1 joined Levi’s at their specialty store in the Meatpacking District, NYC for a press event for Men’s Fashion Week.

Founder and designer, Ed Roth and his creative staff customized the new 512 cut of men’s jeans to people’s liking with monogram stencils and Roth’s trendy icons of hearts, swallows, skulls and anchors. Some applications were subtle like a small icon stenciled on the inner part of the front pocket. Others went bold and cheeky with words stenciled across the front of the fly.


“It’s always rewarding to partner with such a respected American heritage brand and also to offer people customization with Levi’s who champion individuality” says Roth. “The brands we partner with seem to want to do more than just show or provide the latest item, these customization events further engage the consumer.”

Follow @stencil1 for announcements of future partnerships and for more information on in-store activation and guest social please email

Check out the photos from the event!





Levis_1_25_17_10 Levis_1_25_17_11



Levis_1_25_17_15 Levis_1_25_17_17 Levis_1_25_17_18 Levis_1_25_17_19



View all photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Be sure to share with us your customized clothing with us @Stencil1!



Dreaming big with Blick Art Materials


In 2004, I started Stencil1. I had this idea to offer graffiti stencils so I designed 50, built a barebones website, and launched it. I soon got a call from a buyer at Blick Art Materials saying she wanted to carry the stencils. I explained I just stuff these in envelopes from home. She replied “Figure out your packaging, we want them”. I did and Blick was the first store to carry my line. They carry an arrangement of designs in their stores and now they have offered a select amount on their website as well. I say all this to hopefully inspire the start-up entrepreneur. My advice is learn as you go, businesses grow and evolve as do dreamers. The selection of designs offered at Blick can be found here:

Big thanks to Blick Art Materials for 13 years of support and thanks to all who support Stencil1 with your love of creativity!


Stencil1 is now live on!


May, 2016, I flew to The Target HQ to present my brand to the buyers. Seven months later, I can proudly say that you can now shop on for Stencil1 stencils. I am so grateful that Target picked up our line.

We are still currently 100% Made in America and sometimes there are challenges in getting into big stores when you are a small business that makes your product in the U.S. Well, we did it! Humbled to share this news with you all as we continue to grow our American dream!



You can now shop online for your favorite Stencil1 stencils along with many other products America’s favorite retailer has to offer!


It’s easy to find. Just search “Stencil1″ at and choose from hundreds of designs. Shop now!


Valentine’s Day Cards


What’s more special than writing a personal love letter to your Valentine? A personal love letter hand decorated by you! Let’s get started.


Things you will need: Blank cards and envelopes, ink pads, brushes, and the *NEW* Stencil1 Valentine’s Stencil 3-Pack


Grab your stencil. The Stencil1 Valentine’s Stencil 3-Pack has 3 different designs for you to choose from. Choose 1, or 2, or all 3! Here, we’re using the “I love you” stencil.


Load up your brush in the ink pad. Here, we’re using ClearSnap’s Colorbox Ink Pad in Cranberry. Using an ink pad, rather than paint, makes it so much easier and cleaner to stencil! Say goodbye to paint running underneath the stencil, and say hello to cleaner edges!


Add a second color. Here, we’re also using the ClearSnap’s Colorbox Ink Pad in a metallic gold to add more dimension to the card. Add more layers of ink to build color intensity.


Once all areas have been painted, remove the stencil to reveal the final piece!


On the envelope, choose another stencil! Here, we used the heart and arrow stencil. Here, we left the center of the heart empty, and built the color towards the edges of the heart for an airbrushed look.

DSC06339 copy

Don’t forget to write your love letter inside the card! Share your Valentine’s Day card with us @Stencil1!