Stencil1 named a 2015 Martha Stewart American Made audience choice finalist

The judges at Martha Stewart have named Stencil1 a 2015 @AmericanMadeMSL Finalist.

On September 21, Martha will turn the voting over to the larger Martha Stewart American Made community. Friends, family, and all my Stencil1 community, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite American maker, and one Audience Choice Winner will be announced on October 23, 2015.  As a small business that since it’s inception has been US made, I would be grateful for your vote.

Support & share my work to get involved! #AmericanMade2015

Here’s what I said about the importance of being American Made. Maybe this will inspire you if you are starting a business in America. Click below to see the full bio on Martha Stewart’s American Made site.


American Made means everything, we started here in Brooklyn, NY & there are many opportunities provided to small business owners in America. We took advantage of free advisors, free legal services and more to start our business. American made starts with the American dream and for me that was to find freedom in doing my own thing. I started Stencil1 with an idea to make stencils that were modern, eclectic, & different and soon enough I had an online business running. I started by stuffing stencil orders in envelopes from my home! I then got some great press which lead to stores calling and wanting to carry my line. My line? I don’t even have packaging, I told the buyers. They said “figure it out, we want it”. I did. All these elements are a part of the American business – our value of press, our industrial capabilities, our vast love of technology, our freedom to use all of these resources. Stencil1 has now been in business for 10 years and all of our product is American Made.


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Mermaid Chair

One of my Favorite original DIY gals, Erica Domesek of P.S. – I Made This came to us with this swimmingly idea to stencil an Ikea beach chair with an ombré effect similar to a mermaid’s tale – we jumped right in! Using our Stencil1 Scallop Repeat Pattern Stencil which won Product of the Year award in Home Design we painted the chair’s fabric with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint. See the full post here. Thank you P.S.-I MADE THIS!

07.23.15_Ed_Mermaid-Chair mermaid-chair



Stencil1 @ Le Bon Marché for a Brooklyn Pop-up



We are thrilled to announce that Stencil1 will be a part of the Brooklyn Pop-Up Shop at  Le Bon Marché!

Ed Roth will do live demos and workshops on both days, showing attendees how to stencil t-shirts and more.  The events take place on September 5th and 7th 2015, if you are in the area. make sure to stop in to see a little bit of Brooklyn style in Paris!


Stencil1 meets Scratchpad Cellars

We are all influenced by design, you walk into the wine shop and often judge to quality of the wine by it’s pretty label. Well, now you get to play designer with Scratchpad Cellars. Not only do you get to drink the wine, which is quite tasty, you DIY your own label! The bottles even come with a pencil. Well, when we saw this, we had had to give them the old Stencil1 treatment. Here’s how a few days at the beach went…

I wrapped the bottle with our Stencil1 Antlered Deer Stencil in the 6″ x 6″ size, perfect size for this label.


I used an inked and Stencil1 brush…



Here’s the reveal, but I thought let me add some pattern…

IMG_0584 IMG_0616

Using another color, I added some Chevron


Time for bottle two, a crisp white…I think our SURF theme stencils are appropriate.

IMG_0676  IMG_0739

I used the outside as my color inspiration.

IMG_0748 IMG_0755

Here he is, surfing safari!


Then bottle three, I decided to do the SURF WAGON and just use the pencil for a scratchy DIY rustic look.IMG_3830


The final three, note two are empty already!



What designs would you put on a wine bottle? Please tag your stenciled wine bottles #Stencil1 @Stencil1



Watercolor Stencil Art

Hey Stencilers. Check this out!



Kate from Kate’s Creative Space blew our mind with her watercolor art using our stencils! Check out her post and see how she uses our 8-pack small Bird stencils with watercolors. Great for greeting cards, place cards, and lovely wall art.

Awesome job. Thanks, Kate!

Loving the watercolor trend? Check out our take using watercolor here!



Stencil1 Demos at Janovic

We are excited to have our products carried by Janovic!

Ed Roth will be doing in-store demos to show people how easy it is to stencil on a wall.



All of the Stencil1 repeat patterns have won the 2015 Product of the Year award in Home Design.

Check out all of the patterns and check out the live demo!

Here’s our schedule:
Saturday, August 1st. 12:00 – 1:30 PM Janovic Chelsea
Saturday, August 8th. 12:00 – 1:30 PM Janovic Upper West Side