Succulent Ways To Decorate Your Tee!

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Start off 2018 using our newest stencils in the Stencil1 collection!

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To make these succulent tees, you’ll need a T-Shirt, Pebeo Fabric Paint, Adhesive Spray Mount, and any succulent stencil that we recently released in our 2018 collection. In this project we decided to use the Palm Fronds Stencil, Succulent Hens & Chicks Stencil and Succulent Agave Stencil.

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The first thing you need to do is lay your T-Shirt on a flat surface with a piece of cardboard inside to prevent the paint from seeping through the shirt. Then you arrange the stencils on the T-Shirt in any position you’d like. Once you’ve figured out a good layout, spray the backs of the stencils with the adhesive spray and place them on the shirt. Now onto the paints!

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We chose a couple of paints from Pebeo that we thought would work really well with our succulent stencils.

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Begin with purple, red or green and slowly mix white into it, creating different shades of the paint – this will later create an ombre effect as we start painting. Once you’ve created a color of your liking, you can proceed to the painting.

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To create the ombre effect, take one of color mixed paint and begin to paint in the middle of the stencil and slowly go outwards. Remember when painting on fabric you have to dab the brush to prevent any bleeding between the fabric and the stencil.DSC09875 (edit)

Take another mixed color and paint the outer edges of the stencil.

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After you finished painting, carefully remove the stencil to reveal your ombre succulent.

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If you want your design to last longer, you can heat seal the fabric paint with an iron or heat gun.

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Now repeat the steps using different colors and stencils on your T-Shirt.

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Share your succulent T-Shirts with us @Stencil1!



Lets Get Creative!

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Ed Roth will be doing artist demonstrations at Creativation in the Pebeo Booth.

Ed will be using new designs in the Stencil1 stencil collection with Pebeo paints and markers – showing all attendees how to stencil fabric, canvas, and paper projects.

Here at Stencil1, we have been using Pebeo fabric paint for years on so many projects, especially to customize t-shirts. More recently we have been using Pebeo’s mixed media products with our stencils to create artwork, shown here.



Come meet Ed, as well as Tristina Dietz Elmes and Wendy Kroeker, and get creative at Creativation!

Show Info:

Phoenix Convention Center

January 18 – 22

Booth #915


“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

A blank canvas allows you to make and create it into what your imagination holds. Today, our blank canvas is a tote bag. Using our stencils and some brush tip fabric markers, we were able to customize this bag into our own.

For this project you’ll need a blank canvas tote bag, Sharpie Stained Brush Tip Fabric Markers, Adhesive Spray Mount, and stencils. The stencils we decided to use is the Koi Stencil, but you can use any of the Stencil1 stencils that you favor!

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First lay your tote bag on a flat surface. Take the adhesive spray mount and spray the backside of the stencil, then carefully place the stencil in the position of your choosing. The adhesive spray helps to keep your stencil in place as you color it in, very useful when stenciling fabrics. After you have done this, it’s time to start stenciling! Take your fabric marker and start coloring in the open spaces of the stencil.

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These markers are great for this very detailed stencil because their fine points allowed us to color in the thin lines of the koi’s scales and fins. They’re also great for mixing colors together to create a gradation. After you have completed filling in your stencil, carefully remove the stencil from your tote.

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And there you have it! A customized tote bag that is like no other!

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Feel free to decorate your bag with more stencils or keep it simple with just one. Show us how you customize your tote with our stencils @Stencil1.



A Deer Caught in the Stripes

Jackets, blankets, and hats are starting to come out from the “Winter Closet” as the weather is starting to drop. Stay warm and cozy up with a customized blanket using our stencils to add a personal touch.

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For this project you’ll need a blanket, a brush, fabric paint, low-tack adhesive spray and a stencil. The stencil we used is the Large Antlered Deer Stencil. Spray the backside of your stencil with the low-tack adhesive spray and place it onto the wooly blanket in the position you want. This spray helps keep your stencil in place so it does not shift while you are painting. Dip your brush into some paint and wipe away the excess to prevent any bleeding.


Begin to paint the open spaces of the stencil. Since you’ll be painting on fabric, it’s best to dab the paint and build up the color. This process helps to not smudge the paint and create crisp edges.

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After you have finished painting, remove the stencil carefully to reveal your work.


And there you have it! Paint one or more deer onto your blanket as you desire!


Show us how you decorate your blankets with our deer stencils @Stencil1.


Pimp Your Brilliance: Creating Your Own Opportunity With Ed Roth

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Recently, I was invited to sit down with Monique Malcolm from Keep Chasing The Stars for an episode of “Pimp Your Brilliance”, a podcast about “brilliant creatives who want to leverage their passions to create their own opportunities.”

I first met Monique of Keep Chasing the Stars at CAMP, an entrepreneur’s getaway where you unplug, socialize, and learn how to grow your business. During my time at CAMP, I was able to present my brand and lead some creative workshops while having the pleasure of meeting many creative people, including Monique of Keep Chasing the Stars.

I was honored when she asked me to take part in her Podcast series “Pimp Your Brilliance”. Monique asked me questions about business, operations, and philosophy. I was able to disclose the ups and downs of running my business as well as recommend a few of my favorite books from authors such as Jen Sincero and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

…and believing you deserve a piece of the pie! Why does some big corporate company with no soul deserve a space on the shelf in the store and you don’t, but your stuff’s so awesome?

You can listen to the full episode on Monique’s blog.


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